Unable to find source of deprecations via stack, am I missing something?

One example would be “DEPRECATION: Using the context switching form of {{each}} is deprecated. Please use the keyword form ({{#each items as |item|}}) instead.”. Clicking through the stack trace I cannot find any recognizable code. Shouldn’t the stack trace direct me to the template where the offending statement is?

I am also having this sort of trouble. In your case, you have no each helpers iterating for you in your templates? They’ve changed the syntax a few times. That’s the only depreciation warning that actually made sense to me.

I haven’t tried this yet, but I heard about it on a podcast: GitHub - mixonic/ember-cli-deprecation-workflow

Supposedly helps with this, and keeps the noise out of the console.

The one I have issues finding is the - helper…

I suspect they’re coming from an addon. My question was really about whether or not the stack track should point to the file and line of the deprecated usage, which is seems not to.

I’m in the same boat. I get depreciation warnings even on a brand new projects - with no additional add-ons, and wish I had a reference to where it was coming from. : (

Same here. The deprecation warning just show trace of the ember code. No any application relevant code.