Unhandled Promise error detected

Hello there,

I just added a short piece of code (on top of one of my routes) to handle access to my paged API:

queryParams: { page: { refreshModel: true }, page_size: { refreshModel: true } },

Everything works great but Raven bothers me with a “Unhandled Promise error detected” message.

Ember                : 2.2.0
Ember Data           : 2.2.0
jQuery               : 1.11.3
Ember Django Adapter : 1.1.1
Ember Simple Auth    : 1.0.0

Any idea?

Thanks in advance,


This is a long standing issue with Ember. I couldn’t personally make any of the suggestions mentioned work.

Check out:https://github.com/emberjs/ember.js/issues/5566

So We just spent a huge amount of time to properly filter out these kinds of messages using Raven’s shouldSendCallback only to find out it didn’t work. I looked at the Raven.js code (horrified BTW) and I’m willing to bet it is fundamentally broken.

Granted Ember should try to avoid false positive exceptions like TransisionAborted from reaching onerror but to be honest it really is the responsibility of the reporting library to know how to STFU and it is obvious Raven.js just isn’t up to the task.

I going to dive back into that swamp of code and see just why Raven is misbehaving. A filter should not be this difficult!

We ended up using ember-cli-sentry which offered an ignoreError method we could override and filter out those messages.