Unit test for component that created in ember engine

Any one who has the experience for testing the file in ember engine?

I created a component in ember engine (in-repo-addon) via command: ember g component schedule-info --in-repo-addon engine-name.

this command will generate four files:

create lib/facility/addon/components/schedule-info.js

create lib/facility/addon/templates/components/schedule-info.hbs

create tests/integration/components/schedule-info-test.js

create lib/facility/app/components/schedule-info.js

and additional, I created a unit test file for this component and deleted the integration test file . Now I have a problem, that is when run test, I will see the message:

not ok 1 PhantomJS 2.1 - An Components | Unit | Component | schedule info “before each” hook for “should invoke all of the computed attributes for dropdown list” — message: > Attempting to register an unknown factory: ‘component:schedule-info’

Does anyone have resolved this problem?

You need to test the component defined in an engine within that engine. Note that will not be run by default from outside the engine.


Thanks! This issue has been resolved by importing ‘ember-engines/test-support/engine-resolver-for’.