Unusual Deployment Question

I need to create a single Ember Application that can automatically be deployed to multiple URLs.

So, Imagine the following URLs all having the same files in it:


There is an automated way to create more copies with variable names, all under “/Toinecl”. The automated way just copies the output of my “dist” folder to a new subfolder under /html/Toinecl

Is there anything I can do to make the “ember b” output completely location unaware?

It’s weird, I know, but really would appreciate the help :slight_smile:

Just to add: server is Apache running on Ubuntu


Does anyone have any idea how to accomplish this?

You should generally be able to do this, but you would have to do a little bit of “hoop jumping”. I think the simplest solution would be to change your config/environment.js to use locationType of 'hash'. With this, your application should be fine booting at any path…

Thanks, I’ll try that. Would you leave rootURL as ‘/’ ?

How about the apache configuration?