Uploading images with Emberfire

Hello, I am having a trouble with proper image upload. I am currently somehow doing this with image-drop plugin, but file’s URL is a few thousand characters long, then I saw that there’s something like StorageBucket on firebase, but I don’t know how to upload image from my Ember app, and retrieve it’s URL which would be much shorter than plain base64 inside firebase. Component - addPhoto() { const gallery = this.get(‘gallery’), imageUrl = this.get(‘imageUrl’); if (Ember.typeOf(gallery.get(‘images’)) !== ‘array’) { gallery.set(‘images’, []); } gallery.get(‘images’).pushObject(imageUrl); gallery.save(); }

Template - <form {{action “addPhoto” on=‘submit’}}> {{input value=imageUrl}} Dodaj zdjecie

{{image-drop image=imageUrl }}

{{#each gallery.images as |image|}} {{/each}}

I couldn’t find exact method how to do that, is anyone there who have solved similiar issue?