Urls - problem with using this.store.query in model hook


I want to include parameters in my urls which together determine which record to display rather than just relying on the (id) primary key.


/page/slug or /posts/dd/mm/yyyy/slug

rather than

page/id or posts/id

It’s obviously important (in the posts example here) that all parameters in url are taken into account in finding the record, not (for example) just the slug.

Therefore I can’t use this.store.findRecord() or this.store.peekRecord. The primary key in my backend models is the ID and for the moment, I don’t want to change this.

Instead I am using this in model hook (simpified just to use the slug in this case)

return this.store.query('someModelName',{
		filter: {
			slug: params.slug
	}).then(function(result) {
		return result.get("firstObject");

However, navigating between routes gives the same record back - the same model is always returned.

What I am doing wrong here? UPDATE - solved. I was not dealing with the Ember request on the backend (Django) correctly. Am now doing so - all good.

Using the default DS.JSONAPIAdapter.

Many thanks

I am interested in the django library you are using. Is it bare DRF or something else?