How to use slugs in URL?

I am using the latest version of Ember/Ember-cli/Ember-Data (1.13.x)

My data source is a JSON API service (rails-api)

I would like to have URLs like /products/:product_name instead of /products/1

I’ve searched everywhere and tried everything (changing primaryKey, normalizing name to id) but nothing works - seems like something has changed in the recent versions of Ember.

When I enter the URL manually into the browser, Ember creates a new record with ID of NAME (sorry, can’t post a screenshot as I am new here)

Thank you for your help!

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Does this work for you?

Thank you for the link. But unfortunately no, it doesn’t work.

I’ve moved on to working on other parts of my app for now, but I can’t imagine why this isn’t documented properly (this can be accomplished using AngularJS in a couple lines of code).

//rant off

I needed to know this as well and now that I am up to this part of my application, I did a little more reading and I think I figured it out:

The model hook can take an argument, which is actually an object that contains your URL params. Assuming that you are using Ember CLI:

// app/router.js () {
  this.route("foo", {
    path: "/foo/:bar"

// app/routes/foo.js
export default Ember.Route.extend({
  model: function (params) {

Now when you navigate to localhost:4200/foo/test, you will see this in the console: Object { bar: "test" }.

This is the equivalent of passing $routeParams to your controller in AngularJS or $stateParams if you are using ui-router. Now you should be able to find your model using variable URL params.

Edit: I missed that your question is regarding Ember Data, so this probably isn’t the answer that you’re looking for.