Use ember as workflow for "normal" html project?


This is an extremely noobish question, and probably very stupid as well, so please be kind! lol

One can set up a web development workflow with grunt, bower, yeomen.

I was wondering if I could stop looking into that already and use emberjs not only for what it’s intended for (which I just started learning) but also when you for instance want to make a web template project (couple plain Html pages, and css/js/fonts) one can share as is with others not using ember.

If I understood right from reading, emberjs will have a “production” folder where whatever need be deployed will go to right?

Again, sorry for asking something that’s probably a stupid idea!


Do you just mean a ‘static’ website? You can - yes: you can run ember build --production and then just open dist/index.html to run your Ember application. You can have it pull data from other sources over AJAX, etc just like a static HTML site can.


You also need to make sure that all urls route to your ember index. If you can’t do this you will have to put the index.html on your server to match every route in your app, IE I have a route /test should correspond to /test/index.html on your server.


Correct: there’s an older thread with some nginx config snippets for achieving this here: How to serve all routes on a production server exactly?

Else a tiny HTTP server in the language of your choice should be able to handle a wildcard path and serve up index.html