Use ember without ember-cli

I am new to ember. I want to use ember without install ember-cli. How to do that? What is file structure?

Welcome to Ember!

The official way to build Ember apps is Ember CLI, and there really isn’t a way to build them without it. It may be possible to just use a bundler in the future, but that’s still quite a ways off. Perhaps we can help address your concerns if you explain why you don’t want to use Ember CLI, though?

I have to work on project. which build in old version ember 1.13 without using ember-cli. So, have to know work without ember-cli of ember version 1.13.

Perhaps the original authors used ember-app-kit, which was probably the most popular predecessor to ember-cli. In that case, the documentation for ember-app-kit will help you.

Also, that documentation includes pretty good instructions and automated migration tooling to switch to ember-cli, which is a good idea if you’re going to be doing significant development in this app.