Getting Started with EmberJS


I just started learning how to use EmberJS using It taught me how to use EmberJS without using EmberCLI. I want to start building my app, but I’m hearing I should be using EmberCLI. I’m not familiar with this approach since it wasn’t covered in I started trying to learn to use EmberCLI, but it’s very different from what I learned and a little bit overwhelming. My question is if I don’t use EmberCLI and build it the way I learned it manually or however you want to call it, is this a big deal? Once I build the front end of my site, I will start learning and building the backend with nodejs. Is using NodeJS going to be extremely difficult without starting the app with EmberCLI? I’d love to hear your thought’s on this.


I think building your app with ember-cli will be worth the effort. Take a look at my example to get a feeling what goes where. You don’t have to install CouchDB to get it to work. Working example:


I really found the embercli-101 book to be very helpful.


Thank you for the advice. I’m considering buying the Ember-CLI 101. I usually don’t have the attention span to read a book. I’m usually more visual like a youtube video or screencast, but I might just try and suck it up.


I’ve noticed a consistency where the app are built in .hbs files and not index.html, which is how I started learning how to use Ember. Is there an advantage over doing it like this?


.hbs files will be merged by ember-cli so you have a template file per model. I like that. You can even split up more as with the post-edit.hbs partial here:


I would definitely recommend using ember-cli too. Keep in mind that you’ll see lots of examples with and without it, which I found very confusing as I was getting started. Also watch publication dates on any examples you find online as Ember is moving very quickly.