Using Ember Data definitions on the server

Did anyone succesfully use Ember + Ember Data in a NodeJS server environment? I’d like to reuse my Ember Data model on the server, to manipulate data behind a REST interface (CouchDB). It seems Ember-runtime ( exists for this purpose, but I can’t find any further info and can’t get it to run. Thanks!

You are trying to use ember-data like an ORM server-side? I highly doubt that will get you very far, even if it worked.

Take a look at or node-orm I used node-orm2 in a couple small apps with great success.

Does anyone have any luck with running ember-data in nodejs env?

I like how ember-data is designed with models, adapters and serialisers. It probably makes sense to have something like ember-data, but for communication with 3rd-party api at the server side.