Using Ember without the routing?

I’ve been using Angular for the past year, and for a multitude of reasons, I’m ready to jump ship and hoping to become a full convert to Ember. However, one project that I’m working on currently is content heavy, and needs to be server-side rendered. There are a few interactive ‘social’ components on some pages, but not all.

I was wondering, would it be possible with Ember to drop in these interactive components into a page and render them, but skip the whole routing and routable components process? Like, on Angular I know you can just attach dynamic logic by slapping ng-controller onto elements. Ember is a lot more opinionated than Angular though, and I’m not sure if it’ll allow for this use case.

I’m super excited about FastBoot but it’s a ways off. Would I be able to use Ember in this way in the meantime?


Absolutely you can have an Ember application that does not touch the URL (which is how I understood your question). You need to set your routers location type to 'none' and it will not attempt to utilize the URL at all.

Sample: is a very cool ember-cli addon that focuses on your use case. Lets you include ember components on your server rendered page easily.