View.views missing in 1.13 breaks Bootstrap modal plugin

Yesterday I found ember-idx-modal (Bootstrap integration) is broken for 1.13.3, which I reported at github.

The reason is Ember.View.views doesn’t exist (yields undefined). I fixed this by replacing View.views[id] with this._viewRegistry[id], but I’m not sure why this is happening.

Documentation says View.views is a private static property, so what should I replace that with? view._registry (which is not even documented)? this.container.lookup('-view-registry')?

Thanks for your help.

Coincidentally, I just finished reading this post on creating a basic modal in Ember-CLI, A Simple Modal for Ember v2: Component Edition! The author touches on Views.views going away, and shows how to deal with it now. Search the page for “expose”. I’m not familiar with ember-idx-modal but perhaps this will help.