Waiting for unfulfilled promises - ember-testing-wait-hooks feature

I’m encountering a problem where my tests don’t wait for promises to fulfill before continuing. @stefan pointed me towards ember-testing-wait-hooks feature thats in the Canary release.


I build a prototype of a promise tracker that allows me to wait for my promises to fulfill before continuing with the execution of the tests.

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Here is some key code from the example:

var PromiseTracker = Ember.ArrayProxy.extend({
  newPromise: function(callback) {
    // save a reference to it in the tracker and return a new promise
    var promise = Ember.RSVP.Promise(callback);
    return promise;
  areFulfilled: function(){
    // return true if all promises are fulfilled
    return this.everyBy('isFulfilled');

// In real scenario, this would probably be injected into your App
App.PromiseTracker = PromiseTracker.create({
  content: []

// waiter helper
Ember.Test.registerWaiter(function() {
   return App.PromiseTracker.areFulfilled() === true;

Example test

  asyncTest("Link-to with a promise using run.timeout in model", function(){
      equal(find('h3').text(), 'Item');
      equal(find('h4').text(), 'Color: red');

I’m going to write actual code into the ember-pouchdb test suite now.

Would love feedback.

So then I assume you have to explicitly register the promises in your app by calling the newPromise method?