What are the best supported Ember addons in 2019?

Is Emberfire still supported and popular? What about for authentication?

Has anyone used Firebase + ember-simple-auth?

The last time I’d taken a look at Emberfire (spring 2018) it had fallen quite a bit behind the Firebase API, lacking support for their newer DB, authentication methods, etc. Given the chance today, I would probably install ember-auto-import and just import and use the Javascript SDK directly.

If you’re going the Emberfire route, though, here’s an article I wrote about setting up authentication: http://zachgarwood.com/2016/01/25/user-authentication-made-easy-with-firebase/. It’s a bit outdated now, but should still be mostly relevant.

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Thanks, to clarify- you would use ember-auto-import and the Javascript SDK, but no additional addon for authentication (no ember-simple-auth?)?

Emberfire is still supported but it’s lower priority than some of the other official libraries. I believe they are close(?) to a new major version which finally adds support for stuff like firestore, etc. There are a couple other unofficial addons that supported it.

I’ve always used Torii with emberfire/firebase because it seemed a little simpler to set up. I like ember simple auth better overall though so I’d probably try to use it if I were doing it again.

EDIT: there’s an emberfire 3.0 release candidate FWIW.

EDIT 2: oh and actually I see in the RC notes they’re now including an ember simple auth provider so that’s cool too. I personally would probably try the emberfire rc and simple auth then but YMMV

Sorry, I wasn’t clear. If using the Firebase SDK directly, you’ll also want to install an auth management addon. ember-simple-auth seems to have become the defacto standard, though I am more familiar with Torii, which Emberfire also uses.

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Makes sense but I am using Firebase Cloud Firestore and Storage, so it looks like Emberfire won’t work for me.

Yeah sorry I should have actually looked before I typed, if you didn’t see my edits above, they have an emberfire release candidate which supports cloud firestore and also provides a simple auth provider. I personally would probably go that route if I was looking at it but YMMV, definitely a little risk as they seem to work on it in fits and starts.

I’ve never worked with release candidates before, how buggy do they tend to be?

That probably depends 100% on the author. Typically RC is just a way to soft release something that is ready but lacking docs, etc but again really depends on who is publishing. I’d expect something from an established team at a large company like Google to be pretty solid but :man_shrugging:

You might also like to take a look at ember-pouch + ember-simple-auth-pouch. We will be launching a Free CouchDB hosting you can try in Beta on cloudstation.com next week on the Ember.js Amsterdam Meetup. (You are also welcome to join us there :grinning:)

Bloggr example already running on CloudStation CC Free.

We support it but more important, Apache CouchDB is the DB behind NPM and some big IBM systems. So you can run your own CouchDB too so you don’t have to adapt to the constant change in Firebase APIs by Google.

General purpose tip on this topic: it’s usually worth checking https://emberobserver.com/ to get a sense for what addons are well-supported and broadly used.

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