Emberfire status

Is emberfire being actively maintained to the best of anyone’s knowledge, granted that we are in the Covid era? The last release was in 2018 and the last commit, on the latest release candidate was about a year ago. Judging by the activity on the Github it seems that it is slowly dying/people have moved on?

It’s hard to say. I think it’s been periodically neglected here and there, and was never top priority of the integration libs the firebase team supports, so I wouldn’t say this is unusual or they’ve abandoned it, but it’s also kinda frustrating that it’s not given a little more attention.

I’ve also played around with this addon: https://github.com/mikkopaderes/ember-cloud-firestore-adapter but that one doesn’t seem to have much going on either.

I was a keen user of emberfire back in 2017/18 but ultimately we moved away because we needed more complex querying than RTDB could provide. We moved to Hasura which provided many of the same benefits as RTDB, namely being able to expose the database directly to the client with security rules in place. Also GraphQL isn’t a million miles away from the structure of RTDB queries. It might be worth a look if you’re looking for alternatives.