Divshot is shutting down: What are the alternatives?

So I just logged into Divshot is merging into Firebase and shutting down in December, what are other solutions others are using to deploy their Ember apps?

I have had a so-so experience with Netlify, but curious if there is anything else.

Try this https://www.pagefronthq.com

And be sure to let us know how you like it :smile:


@lightblade What does it cost? I see nothing about pricing.

I don’t know about the pricing as I never used it myself.

@elwayman02 May know more

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@brian_ally @lightblade PageFront is in private beta…completely free at this time. From what I understand, the only part of the current offering that will cost money outside of beta is custom domains, but beta users will be grandfathered in for free.

Have you looked at Firebase hosting? Even before the Divshot acquisition it was pretty good; and there’s a free tier.

FWIW, we use S3+CloudFront for assets and a VPS for the index.html (and all the other stuff such as API, background workers, etc.).

I am trying to build a ember-cli-deploy-couchdb. It will allow you to upload to cloudant. It is free for most usecases. My bloggr example run direct from cloudant bloggr.exmer.com I can explain how to do this without the deploy now if it is interesting.

There is also Surge.


I’ve used Netlify, after leaving Divshot and seems pretty good so far. Big plus for me was that they offer also prerender.io as a service.

Not sure if this is the kind of thing you’re looking for, but I built ember-superstatic to help with deploying Ember applications through Docker containers, using the same static asset server that Divshot uses (it’s based on their open-source static file server, Superstatic).