Baas,Daas,Paas, or Custom Backend Framework?

Hi everyone,

I have prior knowledge with Rails but, i find it easier to work with Firebase.

I was wondering what is the real difference between using a backend framework like Rails, PHP, Node, etc… and using Firebase, CouchDb, Parse etc…?

What are the advantages&disadvantages of one to another ?

Which is considered better practice & will be better in the future ? I feel like learning Rails will be better but when a problem comes out, it is harder to solve since i am not a pro in both.

One more small question, which database do you guys would recommend learning for someone who will do both web development and C++ development? TIA

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We do C++ and Perl and settled on:

We like it that you can host your Ember App in the database and don’t need Apache or something. In Intranets we only need CouchDB to run Ember Apps. We use ember-simple-auth-pouch to manage the users.

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So except authentication, do you guys ever use one of the CouchDb’s functionalities?

Or you can just sit back, relax & not worry about backend ?

No we don’t we just sit back and relax :grinning: