Server proxy for divshot not rendering JSON api in Ember app


[How can I push an app to divshot and use the api I have hosted elsewhere?] (

I have the rails api hosted on heroku but trying to take advantage of the fast deployment the ember-divshot-cli tool has.

Can someone point me in the direction of how to get my api and client to play nice on divshot?

My question on stack-overflow


  "name": "project-voice",
  "root": "./dist",
  "routes": {
    "/tests": "tests/index.html",
    "/tests/**": "tests/index.html",
    "/**": "index.html"
  "proxy": {
    "origin": ""

ember-cli 1.8.1 - link to project in question


Jamie basically nailed it


He did and I got it up and running. I guess everything has a learning curve :slight_smile: