What are the main pain points when working with EmberJS?

While working on Emberjs, what are the main problems that a developer might face? How do other frameworks overcome, if so? What are the limitations of Emberjs? And specifically, what is the biggest pain point that you faced while working with Emberjs?

Take all of this with the understanding that one frameworks pain is another’s pleasure, and vice-versa. Ember’s main strength is that it is strong-opinion. Ember’s main weakness is that it is strong-opinion.

At a more granular level, I would put…

  • Rendering performance of large datasets
  • Size of distribution/executable
  • Performance of Ember Data on large data sets
  • Solution fragmentation across folders and modules

…on the “weakness” ledger–all of which can be overcome in “an Ember way” with extra effort. Aside from the last one, that list is full of relative terms, but so is “pain”.