What is index.json?

So, I think I understand how Ember uses index.html but I’m seeing errors with my index.json file. Can anyone explain to me what this is? My googling is turning up nothing.


What are the contents of this index.json file? I don’t think index.json is a thing. Perhaps you mean project.json which is the declaration of NPM dependencies for a ember cli project. Or else bower.json which is where frontend vendor dependencies are defined.

That being said some projects can have a index.js file NOT .json this is generally the start point of an addon. And usually contains node.js code that you can use to apply or define behaviors and hooks of how an addon works. If your project has an “in repo addon” then typically these index.js are found within the lib folder of an ember cli project.

Some of the hooks that can be implemented inside an index.js file


It turns out that index.json is a way to manage config data. It’s provided by an ember-cli-deploy addon.

Thanks for taking the time to respond.