What is the difference between Ember-Data and Ember-Model

Can someone explain to me what is the difference between ember-data and ember-model? Does ember-model add extra functionality to ember-data or its a new replacement for ember-data.

Ember-Model is an alternative to Ember-Data. There are other alternatives too, such as emu (https://github.com/charlieridley/emu/) and epf (http://epf.io/).

Here’s a quite detailed introductory blog post to Ember Model I wrote :slight_smile:

In short ember-model is a complete replacement for ember-data. Even though ember-data has a little bit more features, ember-model is much easier to understand. The blog post explains the specific differences.


Thanks. Thats what i was looking for

Emu (https://github.com/charlieridley/emu/) hasn’t had any commits for about 3 weeks. It looks very promising, but I am a bit uncertain on using a library with little activity. Is anyone using this in production?

Ember Persistence Foundation (http://epf.io) also looks promising. I would be interested to hear from anyone that has used it.

We’ve been pretty bad at maintaining Ember Data recently but we’re beginning a renewed push to improve it. Our long term goal is for Ember Data to be a good default choice for persistence. Of course, it won’t be the best choice for everyone and we will always be supportive of other solutions.