What's better practice to use, content or model?

From my understanding, model and content are aliased to one another. This gh issue explains it

My question is this, what’s the recommended one to use in your controllers?

I like that ember guides you into the best choices, but it seems this one was left to the developer to decide. I’d like to be consistent in my code and also do what the community is doing. So is there one that’s preferred or does it all come down to personal opinion?

In simpler words, what’s the “ember way” here?


@jakecraige I suggest model as often as possible. I sometimes use content when dealing with an edge-case view or component, but I consider it the exception.

Model is most consistent with the routes and router concerns. Definitely for route controllers and the value set by the route, prefer model.

I use model most of the times, and if i need to send more data to controller, I specify the name for the data.

I use content. I think it’s just personal preference.