Where can i find full documentation of transition?


Hi, i am learning ember.js, searched all ember site for documentation about an object but i can’t find it, is the full documentation in the ember.js website or should i search elsewhere ?

Here is an example:

afterModel: function ( model, transition ) {


I searched for documentation about transition object but didn’t foud it, i just know that it has targetName property.

where can i find the transition documentation please ?


My search for “ember aftermodel transition” yielded this page from the guides; is it insufficient to answer your question? A transition has abort and retry methods, is the idea.


I can only say “thanks for the question”, as I didn’t know about this functionality yet but that page from the guides is helpful. Learned something new! :blush:


I’ve found that when it comes to retrying complicated transitions or programmatically transitioning to previous routes it’s much easier to setup and keep track of url history than it is to mess with transitions. QueryParams and routes with multiple models in them both turn into huge headaches when trying to perform one without using the url method.