Improvement Docs and guides, some suggetions


I’m create this topic to list something stuffs I feel missing when consulting documentation and guides. I believe that thing make more difficult to understand and increase curve when learn we learn ember.

I discard all version bellow 1.13 and I want your help, to make this list. I’ll point a link to the part for guides or documentation, and the part I think is missing.

  1. A complete guide build a application which show how each part of ember works. The actual guide not helpful, with show part a example then cut to another example e etc.

Redirecting at Routing

  1. Ok I learn about transition and know how I capture the model or data in the new route [this is very unclear]?

  2. At serializer, all examples is how load data from server, and how I change data in model to send to server? Guides, don’t explain.

PS: I’ll edit for put other things.


If there are concrete things you are noticing, we’d love to get issues filed on the guides repo for Ember:

When you are in there, you can also see some of the things that we’re currently not happy with either :slight_smile: If there is something you see that you think you could fix, we’d love to get the help! :thumbsup: