Which (Ember-data - ember-model - epf) is stable for Production Ready


Please help me to choose one of these libraries for commercial production?


I’ve been really happy with Ember-Model so far. Stable API, seems to work well, and if you need to, you can dig into the source without feeling overwhelmed.


Has the isDirty problem been fixed with Ember Model?


We are using EmberData 1.0 and are very happy with it. We have a chat application and we can load up stream models directly in. The concept of transaction has been removed from ember data and it is made very simple.

A bit of background - We were using EmberData 0.13 before which had some stability issues. The only issue that is not fixed is the resetting the model if it in dirty state but we are using this gist to solve it


The most important piece is the resetTranasaction method. I have added a comment on the new way to do this.



Epf has been working well for us, and solved a lot of problems we were having with ember data pre 1.0. The largest difficulty that epf helped with was implementing live (autosaving) fields. I haven’t tried using ember data 1.0 yet, but plan to give it a roll again in an upcoming project.