Why are the Modal Buttons in discuss invisible unless hovered?

I noticed that in this forum (and I think in other Disqus sites) that the buttons in modal popups are invisible (background color same as text color). Since this has been a thing I’ve noticed for about four years now I was curious if there was an intentional design choice with this UX.


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Looks to me that this is a templating issue. It doesn’t appear on https://meta.discourse.org/ (the forum discussing this forum software):

Pinging @tomdale as he’s listed on the about page.

It’s probably a bug in GitHub - ember-learn/discourse-emberjs-theme: Forum theme for https://discuss.emberjs.com/

I’ve created a PR to address this: Make modal button text visible by Bouke · Pull Request #3 · ember-learn/discourse-emberjs-theme · GitHub