Why are the RESTAdapter tests commented out in ember-data?

I noticed ember-data went to rev 12 yesterday and before I upgraded my adapter I pulled down the latest source to see what had changed since rev 11 and the first thing that jumped out was that this file


has every test commented out … so I’m curious if this means the RESTAdapter is in flux or if another test suite has been added recently to cover the basics? Or something else is on the road map?

If it’s just in flux why did the version get a bump to 12? I would assume the RESTAdapter would at the very least be functional with a version bump. What’s up and what can I do to help?


Good question. @wycats, @tom?

I think they are back in now (when rev 12 was started I noticed they were not on sadly)

Assuming you are talking about packages/ember-data/tests/integration/rest_adapter_test.js, it is still a file full of comments.

ah (could have sworn it was back in action) - anyone care to comment on this? I know it was because of a merge conflict ~4 months ago


Yeah I had this question couple of times myself :panda_face: