Why use ember-cli?


Just that, I’m learning ember and at the moment I dont have the need to use it, so when should I use it? and why?



As soon as…

  • You want use .hbs templates instead of inline scripts
  • You want to avoid manually including all your different files
  • You want to have a setup for livereload, assets, and building a minified version

Those were the first three for me. It provides much more…


I’m just starting out with ember and I’ve gone straight in with cli. Why?

– it enforces lots of ember best practices and while I might find some of this quite restrictive and assuming (I’m a .net dev - it’s been a few years since I messed with bare bones js and the last fw that was big when I did was dojo and a bit of ext - ember is very focused at ruby) I want to hear the ember story. I’ll learn a lot from this process and understanding the ember angle.

– it takes a lot of faff away. I f*%#ing hate ceremony. While I understand (to a degree) what’s going on under the hood, I love the fact that loads of the shite is taken care of for me. I get test stubs and stuff all generated for me (although when we could do with an ungenerate command to remove assets when I want to delete a generated class to compliment the generate command)

– without even knowing it I am creating code that is future proofed with the transpiler.

– i get a clear developer protocol that scales, this is important as I want my personal protocol to work when my “hello, world” app defies logic and goes global and I need to bring in john “the monkey coder” smith, it won’t take long to get them onboarded.

– I love a learning curve and I just got the BOOM moment with ember and it’s well worth the trudge through blog posts, ember conf videos and hacks! – discourse, let’s face it, absolutely fucking rocks.



ember generate controller foo && ember destroy controller foo should compliment each other and leave you with no local changes.