WordPress adapter

Thought I would share the WordPress adapter for Ember data that I have been working on.

It uses the WordPress JSON API plugin, which will be part of the next version of WordPress core. Currently the following routes are implemented:


We build commercial sites with Ember. We can perhaps use this adapter if it has a MIT licence like Ember-CLI. https://github.com/stefanpenner/ember-cli/blob/master/LICENSE.md

It would be great to see an adapter and serializer with no build, and just written out 2.x / 2016 style. The WP-JSON plugin doesn’t seem to be jsonapi compliant.

One or more of the following keys must be present: “data”, “errors”, “meta”. Error: Assertion Failed: normalizeResponse must return a valid JSON API document

: )

here we go: GitHub - oskarrough/ember-wordpress: The bridge between Ember.js and Wordpress — feel free to help out :slightly_smiling: