Workflow for contributing to existing cli addons

I have an addon which I want to use but is throwing some errors. It’s seems like the errors themselves would be easy enough to fix but I don’t really understand how I can manipulate an existing ember cli addon.

I guess my root problem is that I don’t understand how to integrate the addon into my app in any way except for ember install <addon> which as far as I know will not work for development purposes.

Any insight into what the proper workflow for dealing with this is would be appreciated.

Look into the documentation for npm link, it should be useful.

You would link to your local repository for the addon, but I believe you still have to restart ember server whenever you make a change to the linked addon.

My suggestion is to try to add a failing test to the addons’ test suite and then make it pass.

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I would say a simple bug report qualifies as contributing. You can file the error in the addon’s repo.

Fair enough, but while I am happy to help an open source project my motivation here isn’t the act of contributing. It’s more out of the necessity of needing a feature.

I think this is what I need to get started. Thanks!