How to use a forked addon

Hi!, i want to use a ember addon but with some changes mines. I don’t know if the addon manteiner will merge my pull request (i hope that he will do soon) but in the meantime, i can use my addon fork in a ember-cli project? is it possible?


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npm install <repository-url> --save-dev

the <repository-url> can be a github url, or a local directory on your machine…


Thanks @Loz, that works great !

If you’re looking to move to Yarn Package Manager in the future, make sure to include a commit in the url. Your package.json should have an entry that looks like:

"packageName": "git+",

This is probably a good idea anyway, as it makes sure you (or a colleague) won’t get any surprise updates.

Also, if you are working on the add-on simultaneously with the consuming app, you can use nom link from the add-on directory, and then nom link to use the local working directory for the add-on in your app. If you do this there is a flag in the ember app you can configure to cause it to reload the UI on add-on changes.