Private addons with ember-cli


I’m currently working on a set of ember applications using a common backend. Right now, we have a lot of duplication especially when it comes to the models/adapters/serializers/transforms… Almost everything related to ember-data.

I’ve seen that ember-cli has the ability to use addons, and it seems this is the solution I’m looking for. However, from what I understand the addons have to be published on npm and therefore, not private. I didn’t find how to make/use private addons, and I’m not fluent enough in node/npm/bower/ember-cli (I’m coming from a mostly-Rails background) to guess how I should do it.

If anybody could give me pointers or feedback,it would be very appreciated : ) Thanks for your time !

NPM can easily install from git. No need to publish an addon to NPM to consume it.

Something like the following in package.json:

  "dependencies": {
    "somerepo": "git+"

Great! Thanks for the quick answer :slight_smile: