2.5X Smaller Angular 2 Applications with Google Closure Compiler. And for Ember 2?

By chance I found this article, we can do anything for our dear Ember 2?

I’m a new bye at all.

UglifyJS is making for us what Google Closure Compiler make in this article?

Glimmer 2 has greatly reduced the size of Ember applications.

It is possible to write an Ember-CLI addon to replace Uglify with Google Closure compiler. So far, there has been little interest in this. It looks like someone did do this once two years ago:


If anyone is seriously interested, they can try to update it.

Have you tried manually minifying your Ember application with Google Closure Compiler instead of Uglify? Does it give any better results?

It would be interesting if we could use Closures “Advanced Mode” with Ember. I think this would make more sense than just swapping Closure for Uglify. In the Angular world there is a project called tsickle, which annotates the JS output with the information which is present in TypeScript (modifiers, types etc). This let’s the compiler/transpiler optimize the code more aggressively.