How do I precompile templates?


Hello. I’ve got an Ember app that’s about 700 Kb in production environment. What I don’t understand is, is it already using precompiled templates? Or can I further decrease the size by using a precompiler?

I’ve got Ember Cli 0.1.3, Ember 1.9.0 and I have installed ember-cli-htmlbars, handblebars#2.0.0 and broccoli-emblem-compiler, from here

So, are my templates precompiled? Or do I need to add something in Brocfile, to use the emblem compiler? I’m a bit confused, and an example would be awesome.

Are there any other strategies for decreasing the size of an Ember App built with CLI? Thank you.


If you don’t have uglify-js plugin installed add it to your project(doesn’t come by default with ember-cli). That should definitely bring down the size of your generated files.


If you open the project-name.js file you should see your templates are represented as javascript functions. If you do indeed see this -you are using precompiled templates. I’m using ember-cli 0.1.3 and 0.1.4 and both seem to function as if I was doing a precompile myself w/ grunt or gulp