Broccoli-emblem-compiler with Ember Cli


There is a guide or a tutorial explaining step by step how configure Emblem as templating syntax inside Ember Cli by installing the module Broccoli-emblem-compiler? The Ember-Cli guide doesn’t provide too many details a part from saying:

For Emblem, run the following commands:

ember install:npm broccoli-emblem-compiler

I am trying to set up a project locally and i get this error, what’s exactly the problem?

This is the project i am trying to run:


From my experience with emblem you really need to make sure you are on compatible versions of emblem/handlebars/ember/broccoli-emblem-compiler/etc. My guess is that is your issue here.


yes you are right, i have figured the issue out, the emblem version i used it had handlebars 2.0 dependencies and i was still using the 1.3. Here the question in stakoverflow

I am going to fix at home it after work :slight_smile:


Please take a look at Emblem 0.5.0. We’ve just finished a bunch of work to make Emblem work like a template printer instead of a Handlbars AST compiler. This should be simpler to manage, and decouple you from any specific Handlebars or Ember version :smiley:

The PRs and discussion might be useful: