Minified version of Ember

Hello all,

I’m using Ember v 2.14 at the moment. and I wanted to try to bump it up a few versions. I was wondering if there is any place to download a minified version of ember, ember_data, and the ember compiler? (Either the current LTS or something lower than that).

Just for sanity sake I’m trying to replace these files:




Thank you!

Hey @starraven

I can’t exactly remember when we did it, but I’m pretty sure that Ember no longer supports just “downloading a minified version” of the library. Essentially now we are all-in on using ember-cli to develop and build your application. Are you currently using ember-cli?

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No i’m not using it. At one point I tried to think of how I could upgrade to ember-cli but decided to postpone it because I’m supposed to be developing features. I thought If I could at least get the new version of ember in my app maybe I would be able to take advantage of “recent” documentation instead of having to always to back to the old docs.

I guess this is another sign that I should be trying to figure out how to upgrade to ember-cli. Thanks a bunch for the response!

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If you haven’t already joined the Ember Discord that is a great place to ask questions or look for help if you are struggling with moving to ember-cli

I can’t remember there being any fundamental problems with the upgrade, things should work the same without too many issues but do let us know if you need any help porting it over :+1:


@starraven if you need another short-term patch, we used to have an Ember app that listed how to get those files on the main Ember website. From what I remember, those files were produced until 3.0 or 3.4. In theory, if you check out this repo at this commit (Merge pull request #156 from jenweber/lts-notes · ember-learn/builds@0c1a7a4 · GitHub) you might be able to go back in history and see what the old /builds page listed about how to retrieve those files (I think they were up in an S3 bucket).

But yes, Chris’ answer is the long-term best approach, the whole community is moving / has been moving to Ember-CLI since about Ember 1.12 days, so best to join us using that if at all possible :slight_smile:

Edit: tracked down one link to the last version of Ember 2.18, urls follow a predictable schema here, so in theory you can get the right version of the file that you need. Not sure about template compiler and ember data though, but those should be traceable if you decide to go that route:

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@acorncom Thank you! This is extremely helpful and a needed bandaid while I try to get updated to ember-cli.