Alias Model / Map JSON response

Hi, My server returns a JSON response like this:

  artists: [{
    id: "1",
    first_name: "Foo",
    last_name: "Bar"
  studios: [{
    id: 1,
    name: "Test",
    // ...
    artist_ids: ["1"]

‘artist’ is in fact a User model but with a different name. How can I map artist to the User model? Maybe a bad explanation but if I rename the JSON response serverside to ‘users’ instead of ‘artist’ and use the models below everything works like I want. I simply want to use the name ‘artist’ instead of ‘user’, both server side and client side. Hope you guys understand what i mean.

App.Studio = DS.Model.extend
  name:  DS.attr 'string'
  // ..
  users: DS.hasMany 'App.User'

App.User = DS.Model.extend
  firstName:  DS.attr 'string'
  lastName:  DS.attr 'string'
  studio: DS.belongsTo 'App.Studio'

I guess that the simplest thing to do would be something like artists: DS.hasMany ‘App.User’ but obviously this does not work.

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