Amber-data handling in amber.js


How to use sql as backend though php in ambr.js


Reading Amber.js today is so cute.

To do that job, the best answer is REST or JSONAPI. In my case, I use Ember for frontend stuffs, and Laravel/Lumen with jsonapi capabilities as backend.


can you please tell that how to run that project?


If you are looking for something agnostic, you can look arround neomerx/json-api.

If you prefer complete backend solution. I recommend neomerx/limoncello-collins or neomerx/limoncello-shot. They both share same principles, but the first one is a complete fork of Laravel 5.2 and the second one of Lumen 5.2.

For the client integration you can look at neomerx/limoncello-ember. This is a complete solution that work well with both backends.