Angle bracket invocation codemod

Hey, I wanted to ask if there is gone to be something like Angle bracket code mod, because it’s painful to change, when project is big. I tried to look for that, but I found nothing :frowning:

Based on @ef4’s response to this recent thread my guess is a stable HBS codemod would be too difficult to create (or at least to make publicly available) so probably not. But I am not an authority on the subject.

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Rajasegar Chandran gives it a try: Let’s see how it works out. :slight_smile:

Since there are semantic differences between the two it would be difficult to know how to do the conversion correctly every time. Off the top of my head my fist question is how would I know if a curly bracket component’s properties were meant to be @props or HTML props.

Also, since angle bracket syntax does not handle nested namespaces yet they will continue to be supported for quite some time.

My suggestion would be to live with a hybrid approach. As you touch templates in your code take a moment to convert and save a style change commit and then continue making actual changes for whatever feature.