Announcing ember-features for Feature Toggle


Hi guys, if this is the wrong way/place to release something for EmberJS community, please someone tell me ok?

Before all, don’t confuse “Feature Toggle” with “features.json”. Dispite they are under the same topic, features.json is all about EmberJS’ own features, while the feature toggle support would be interesting for any consuming project, usually for production.

So, weeks ago I’ve open an issue asking for Feature Toggle support in EmberJS here:

as you can read, it is not in the plans to include it in the framework for now. I couldn’t also find any plugin for it.

So, I’d to write my own, called “ember-features”, which is pretty simple, making usage of Views and layout support. My plan is bigger, so, I want to support also a route “kidnapper” and an expiring support, but that version worked pretty nice for me already:

In my case, I’ve implemented a Pusher account to receive updates from Bipolar Server ( ) whenever a Feature is enabled/disabled for that account, through WebSockets, so, we can enable a couple of functions on the fly just by clicking on tickbox.

My next tasks for it is to write Documentation (this week, hopefull) and proper testing (patience with me as I am still starting with Mocha).

Any feedback/help is welcome.