Feature flags in an Ember app

We’re finally rewriting all of Virtual Hold’s Backbone code in Ember. Continuous integration is an important principle on our team, so we want to do this is as sustainable way as possible. In Rails apps I typically use feature flags to isolate in progress work to development. Has anyone done this yet in Ember? I’d be interested to hear the approach you took.

Feature flags will be used starting next release of Ember. Their usage is described in a Ember blog post about Ember’s new release process.

I’m talking about defining/using feature flags at the app-level to turn particular UI elements on/off (or use different routes/controllers/templates) all based on configuration settings (similar to what flip provides for Rails). I don’t think that is (or should be) built into Ember.

The only thing that I’ve heard about this came out of Zendesk. You might want to checkout this video Ember in Production - James Rosen on Vimeo in which they talk about their experience with the migration from 0.97 to 1.0beta and how they did it.