How to monitor a new feature and track it's progress into Ember Stable

A new feature I am very keen to implement was merged into master on 21 October. I was overjoyed! That was short lived however when I realised I have no idea of when the feature might get to the BETA and RELEASE builds whereby I could reliably use the feature in my production codebase.

The feature I wanted was to add back support for plain old on page html anchor links so they could be used within an ember app that also was using an anchor tag for it’s own purposes. Issue discussion here:

Which lead to JayPhelps doing some awesome work ( and having it successfully merged into master on 21 October ([BUGFIX] HashLocation no longer assumes any hash is a route, uses for… · jayphelps/ember.js@b7e8b82 · GitHub)

My question is how do I now track this pull request as it journeys into the Beta and Release builds? It’s my understanding that the ‘Canary’ release simply matches the current state of master on github.

The ‘feature flags’ ember guide implies a great system is in process, but my feature is not listed there(ember.js/ at v1.9.0-beta.4 · emberjs/ember.js · GitHub) right now and I have a bit of a fog over how I can easily keep a track on it’s progress.

Wouldn’t mind a some guidance on tracking newly resolved issues and features using the feature I want to track as an example.