Are there editor integrations for ember-template-lint?

I’ve spent a couple minutes searching for this to no success. I imagine it’s just not possible yet. Is there a editor integration for ember-template-lint?

I’m using atom, but I’m sure it may be useful to know of other editors as well.

I remember someone mentioning a way to integrate it with ESLint which would give you all the benefits of ESLint like automatically work with ESLint editor plugins, auto run as part of your test suite, etc. I tried searching for that post but I think it got lost in Slack :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I listed some of the options in this tweet a little while back:


Some links for those:

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It should be straight forward to add integrations for others also. ember-template-lint sets up an executable which can emit JSON (docs here) which includes similar info to what ESLint includes (line, column, etc).