Ember App Kit and IDE

Hi, Everyone

Not sure if this forum is the right place to ask questions about Ember App Kit. If not, I’d really appreciate being directed to the right place.

I am an ember newbie - I just started learning. I’ve been following the guides. For a text editor/IDE, I’ve been using Intellij IDEA/Webstorm which I really like and am used to from development in other platforms/frameworks.

Everything was working fine with webstorm, until I tried using the Ember App Kit. Ember App Kit uses the ES6 module syntax which webstorm does not understand and just paints everything red. I’ve made a quick google search to see if there are plugins for it. I did not find a plugin - I did find some reference to change the javascript version in webstorm to ECMAScript Harmony which supports new versions by using the traceur transpiler - tried it, but it does not seem to help.

So my question is:

  1. Has anyone had an experience with developing using Ember App Kit in Intellij IDEA/webstorm?
  2. Alternatively, can you recommend another IDE/Text Editor that work well for you?

Thanks Amir

There is already a bug logged for ES6 Module support, you can star it to support it getting fixed.

Otherwise I’ve had good work using Sublime Text 3, with Package Control.

I’m using WebStorm even though most files endup underlined red. I’m used to it now. I tried Sublime Text 3 and TextMate. I really like having a proper IDE with auto completion and refactoring, so I’m willing to tolerate the broken error reporting. I have JSHint configured for my projects, so I still get the error feedback that I need, I just don’t get it in the Project panel.

Hi, Guys

Thank you both for the answers - they were both helpful.

I added a comment in the JetBrains ES6 modules bug to support implementing it.

In terms of still using the IDE - I was worried that the fact that there’s an error in the code will cause problems in other parts of the code in terms of refactoring and error reporting. The fact that someone else is able to work with it and still use the IDE successfully is really good news.

Thanks Amir