Ember.js 1.13 syntax checkers not working with new stuff


I’d like to start experimenting around with Ember.js 1.13 by removing the deprecation warnings, so that I am ready to jump on the Ember.js 2.0 band wagon when it comes along.

However, my IDE (webstorm) gives syntax errors when I use the new stuff, for example replacing things like {{#each user in users}} to {{#each users as |user|}}.

Curious if this is a more common problem for other developers using IDEs with syntax checkers and how they manage with getting the new stuff to work properly.


Aren’t those tools like Webstorm, Ruby Mine, etc configurable. But the Eclipse stuff has a pretty painful configuration UI in general at least the last time I used them.

I know with editors like atom there are few different handlebars syntax highlighters of differing quality. I am not sure anybody has built HTMLbars language profile yet, which would be nice.

This is a good place to start:



The fine folks at WebStorm have notified me that the new syntax will be supported in the version 11.