Bigger text size and less easiness in the screencast

I’m thrilled to see @tom’s screencast on Ember.js Guides - Guides and Tutorials - Ember Guides

I like it very much! It will help many people. But I’m a fan of optimization:

  • Bigger text size in the editor and the browser. This is a must. It is way too small right now. Anybody should be able to watch these screencasts on an iPhone.
  • Less “see how easy this is”. If somebody says that something is easy it’s most times not. Repeating the easiness doesn’t increase it. Ember.js is hard to learn for a newbie.

Again: Great work! Please do not misunderstand this posting.

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Good feedback. Most of the time when recording video or a podcast, you don’t “hear” half the things you are saying.

And larger fonts are almost never not the right choice. :dragon_face: