Best Getting Started with Ember.js

Yes, I’ve googled it, but would anybody whose been through all the getting started guides recommend me a good getting started tutorial? Specifically one that explains how to build a simple personal blog. Which one is the best?

I’m coming in from rails, and I’ve fallen in love with ember.js, and so I’ve decided to write my first personal blog in ember!

You should see the video in the ember guides Ember.js Guides - Guides and Tutorials - Ember Guides … also the Peepcode’s screencast is pretty good.

IMHO the peepcode screencast is the “best getting started guide”. I’ve watched it countless times and still watch it.

Yea, I’ve seen the video in the Ember.js Guides - Guides and Tutorials - Ember Guides, not bad, but I wouldn’t mind seeing something in print. Or i’d prefer it – anyway. I’ll check out Peepcode. Thanks for the response guys!

Although it’s not specifically what you asked for, I’m learning quite a bit by following ember.js tagged SO questions.

Hey guys, the peepcode screencast was pretty awesome. Thanks again!

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