Ember Guides for Ember web apps


Hey everyone,

I just started a content website for sharing articles, tutorials and guides about Ember on specific problems that can be solved in easy way.

I love to contribute to Ember.js and its community and to help people out to learn and understand how all the process actually works. I also want to learn myself and I think that the greatest way to learn is by teaching.

Please check out about Ember Guides.

And have a look on the first tutorial I have written.

Please, feel free to comment, edit and advise on improving the quality of the content. Also I want to hear the proposals on style of the articles. Do you want to see strict step-by-step guides or maybe informal style talking to the user? I will take it into account while writing new guides. Thanks!


Nice! It will be hard to maintain. I hope more and more people will help you. Perhaps use Ember Twiddle to show examples? http://twiddle.joostdvrs.com/


Hey, just published a new guide! Check it out: Part 1: Developing User Sign Up from Scratch.

I’ll update more often now.

You can follow @emberguides on twitter to stay in touch and know when new guides are released. Also it will help to @emberguides twitter account, since it has very small number of followers.