in the wild?

Is anyone using Brunch? I have seen a few ‘brunches’ which are for Ember, but I can’t seem to find articles using them. The generators using scaffolt seem really awesome.

I have used “” but lately I’ve found compatibility issues with Emblem, for now Grunt and Yeoman generators have given me better results. I hope to solve the problems of handlebars and emblem with brunch.

I’ve used Brunch for about five Ember projects. Here’s a list of the ones that are open sourced:

Note that Mashboard is the most up-to-date open source example I’ve got of an Ember app. I recently used brunch-with-ember-reloaded for a non-open-source Ember project and it worked amazingly well.

This is really great stuff. Is there an easy way using this to build a deploy (or dist) with the distribution versions of ember and handlebars? It seems that you are using the development version on your deployed app.

No easy way without manually building the Production version yourself and conditionally included it in a second vendor.js file in Brunch.

Ember-rails is the only thing I’ve seen handle this well with its variant setting.

Hey @cavneb, just a quick update that I released Tapas with Ember. It’s a Brunch skeleton that handles the building the production versions of Ember and automatic file requires, among other cool features.

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This is very amazing! Thanks for putting this together. I am trying it out today.

My company has been using for the past year. The README should get you up and going with an ember app fast.

I have forked Tapas with Ember and created Yet Another Ember Brunch, which I have been honing for about a week. It takes all the goodness from Tapas, but adds:

I will eventually do a blog post or presentation on it once I am confident that it is good to go. I would love to add more examples on testing though, especially those that mock ajax responses. Any contributions are more than welcome.

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